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We manage online campaigns through various channels

Our Services


Search Engine Marketing

Search engines provide advertisers a marketplace to create and manage online marketing campaigns. When running Search Engine campaigns, our marketing experts are able to manage high return campaigns providing our clients the highest level of targeted consumers for their product or service.


Pay per click Marketing

When utilized effectively, PPC is one of the most cost effective ways to drive sales and leads which is why Clearline Media has been leading the PPC industry for years. Purchasing the proper keywords and developing ad copy that filters tire kickers and attracts buyers is an artform that Clearline Media strives to acheive in each campaign.


Display advertising

The proper use of display ads is a very effective way to build brand recognition. Utilizing larger units like skyscrapers, towers, and banner ads in targeted media buys can increase conversion rates by 60% or more in some case studies. It's this type of expertise and “know how” that Clearline Media is able to bring to our clients every day.


Email Marketing

Effective use of complaint mailing can be an excellent source of customer retention via consistent consumer contact. Clearline Media has been mailing SPAM compliant mail for years enhancing the retention and acquisition of new consumers helping to round out our clients marketing campaigns.


Social Marketing

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are taking over the internet as the most visited sites/services. Clearline Media specializes in making use of every pathway to drive consumers to your services and products. We have written viral campaigns for every social media source available utilizing effective and ethical methods to introduce quality consumers to your offer.

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